Preparing your life for the birth of a child, can be a confusing and emotional time, as well as being a joyful experience, for all members of your family. Here at Lark we can offer services and activities from your earliest days of pregnancy through to your child's first days at school.  If you are looking to buy things for your child then check out this website

We offer a midwife clinic of booked appointments as well as the Great Expectations course to prepare for the birth of your baby and afterwards, covering topics such as communicating with your bump, meeting the health professionals, and the feeding choices for your baby.  Great Expectations runs across the City and you can find details of all courses by clicking here.

For enquiries call Jan on 01752 313293 or email

Welcome to the World

If you have just found out about us and have had your baby, Congratulations! We can offer breast-feeding support at our Latch On group and "Welcome to the World" , a group where you can meet us and other new parents from the moment your child is born.   For details of Baby Weigh or Chatterbox Clinics across the City, click here